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DeWalt Bandsaw Blades: Tips for Choosing, Using, and Maintaining


Have you ever encountered a snag or a slowdown while slicing through materials with your DeWalt bandsaw? The frustration of a job half-done due to a blade that doesn’t perform as expected is something all craftsmen want to avoid. Just like any other critical tool in your workshop, DeWalt bandsaw blades require attention to maintain their sharpness and reliability.

Studies indicate that regular maintenance can enhance the life of a tool by a considerable margin. A well-cared-for bandsaw blade ensures a consistently high-performance level, capable of making quick and accurate cuts through a variety of materials.

Given the cost range of these blades and the precision they provide, investing time in their maintenance is not just about preserving the blades, but also about ensuring continued efficiency and safety in your work.

But there’s no cause for alarm – even if your bandsaw blade seems to have lost its edge, there are steps you can take to restore its condition and prevent future issues!

The Advantages of DeWalt Bandsaw Blades:

DeWalt bandsaw blades are designed with precision, making them perfect for detailed work where accuracy is key. They offer:

  • Light to heavy-duty cutting capabilities for a range of materials.
  • Cordless designs that offer flexibility to work in different locations.
  • Sharp, durable edges for making quick, clean cuts.
  • Easy interchangeability for working with various DeWalt bandsaw models.

The size and agility of these blades provide an edge over traditional, bulky saws, especially for intricate cutting tasks or when operating in confined spaces.

Your DeWalt Bandsaw’s Perfect Partners: MK Morse, Qsaw, and Bahco Blades:

Unlock the full potential of your DeWalt bandsaw with the exceptional blades from MK Morse, Qsaw, and Bahco. Each brand brings something special to the table:

MK Morse Blades shine with their Matrix II technology, blending high-speed steel with a dash of cobalt for unbeatable durability and a cooler cut, ideal for various materials.

Qsaw Blades offer the perfect balance of resilience and affordability, giving you a superior cutting experience without breaking the bank.

Bahco Bi-Metal Blades are the go-to for consistent quality. They’re designed for longevity, easily slicing through different materials with precision.

These blades are more than just tough; they’re engineered for comfort too. Less vibration and noise mean smoother operation and cleaner results. With a range of sizes and customized teeth arrangements, these blades are ready to tackle any project, enhancing your DeWalt bandsaw’s efficiency and your overall work quality.

Understanding Your DeWalt Bandsaw Blade:

Knowing the components of your bandsaw blade is crucial for maintenance and optimal use. Components include:

To ensure your DeWalt bandsaw continues to function at its best, familiarizing yourself with its blade components is essential. This knowledge is not only crucial for maintenance but also for achieving optimal performance.

A DeWalt bandsaw blade typically comprises a flexible, sharp edge that cuts seamlessly through materials while being looped around two wheels. Stability during cutting is provided by adjustable guards and guide bearings, essential for the blade’s controlled movement. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a variable speed setting, allowing you to modify the cutting speed to match the resistance of different materials.

Maintaining these parts can help retain the blade’s cutting precision and extend its functional lifespan.

The DeWalt D28770 Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw is showcased with highlighted features including blade tracking, an integrated LED light, and a hang hook. Its yellow and black design underscores DeWalt’s signature style, and the labeled features emphasize its user-friendly operation with a 490 SFPM cutting speed for precision work.

DeWalt D28770 Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw: Precision and Power:

Experience Cutting Excellence with the DeWalt D28770 Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw. This tool is a standout choice for those requiring a mix of power and precision. Crafted with cast aluminum for durability, it is tailored for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Key features such as the blade tracking window and tensioning lever ensure your blade maintenance is hassle-free, while the integrated work light keeps your cut line visible. With a 6.0 Amp motor and a 4-3/4″ cutting capacity, the DeWalt D28770 is equipped to handle metal, wood, or plastic with absolute finesse.

DeWalt DCS374B 20V MAX* XR® Cordless Brushless Deep Cut Band Saw: Versatile and Cordless:

Unleash Wireless Power with the DeWalt DCS374B 20V MAX* XR® Cordless Brushless Deep Cut Band Saw. Designed for adaptability and longevity, this saw cuts through a wide array of materials with ease. The brushless motor not only promises prolonged runtime but also boosts cutting speed. With a 5” cut capacity and an adjustable blade guide, the DCS374B stands ready for larger-scale projects. Plus, its LED work light and compatibility with DeWalt’s 20V MAX* XR® battery system make it a top pick for sustained, accurate cutting on the move.

DeWalt DCS377B Atomic 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless Compact Band Saw: Compact and Reliable:

Tailor Your Cut with Precision using the DeWalt DCS377B Atomic 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless Compact Band Saw. This agile and efficient cutting tool is ideal for a multitude of job site materials. Its brushless motor ensures extended runtime and speed, while the 1-3/4″ cut capacity accommodates a broad range of material sizes. Designed for convenience, it comes with a built-in LED work light and is lightweight for one-handed use. The compact design of the DCS377B, paired with its cordless versatility, makes it a superior choice for professionals and hobbyists looking for reliable, precise cuts.

DeWalt DCS377B Atomic 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless Compact Band Saw, emphasizing its compact, cordless design. The yellow casing with black accents represents the brand’s colors, and the tool demonstrates the flexibility of a cordless operation suited for a variety of cutting tasks.

Comparative Analysis: DeWalt Portable Band Saws:

Feature/SpecDeWalt D28770DeWalt DCS374BDeWalt DCS377B
Net Weight15.0lbs12.4 Pounds7.72 pounds
Blade Speed80-280fpmVariable SpeedVariable Speed (Trigger and Dial)
Cutting Capacity4-3/4”5”1-3/4″
Motor Power6.0 AmpsBattery Powered (Brushless Motor)Battery Powered, 20 Volts (Brushless Motor)
Design FeaturesRubber bumpers, sight light, dual bearing blade guide rollersTool-less blade changing, ergonomic designOne-handed cutting, compact design
ErgonomicsLarge front handle, ergonomic soft grip back handleLarge front handleIntegrated guard, ergonomic form
Special FeaturesInnovative sight light, material guideLED Work LightLED Work Light, Blade Release Lever
DimensionsN/A24.4″L x 13″W x 8.27″H11.5″L x 9.57″W x 1.7″H
Blade Length44 7/8″ x 1/2″ x .020″ 44 7/8″ x 1/2″ x .020″27 3/16″ x 1/2″ x .020″

Maintaining Your DeWalt Bandsaw Blade:

To keep your DeWalt bandsaw blade in top form, a consistent routine of cleaning and maintenance is key. Here’s how to ensure your blade remains in peak condition:

Regular Inspections and Cleanings:

Routine checks and cleaning are fundamental to the upkeep of your DeWalt bandsaw blade. After each use, it’s important to examine the tool for any accumulated debris and promptly remove it. Regularly inspect the blade for any signs of deterioration or damage and clean it using the appropriate tools. This will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your blade.

Proper Blade Selection and Replacement:

Selecting the correct blade for your cutting tasks is crucial. The material you plan to cut and the type of cut desired should guide your blade choice. If during an inspection you notice signs of wear or a decline in the blade’s cutting performance, do not hesitate to replace it. Utilizing the proper blade and ensuring it is in good condition is integral to both the quality of your work and the lifespan of your bandsaw.

DeWalt DCS374B 20V MAX* XR® Cordless Brushless Deep Cut Band Saw with annotated features such as variable speed control, LED light, and blade tracking. The ergonomic design and the substantial support structure highlight the tool’s capacity for deep cuts and rigorous job site demands.

Component Lubrication:

  • Use the appropriate lubricant to reduce wear and tear on the blade and other moving parts.
  • Ensure gears and bearings are lubricated regularly to maintain smooth operation.

Adjustment for Precision:

  • Verify that the blade tension and tracking are set correctly for accurate cuts.
  • Adjust the guides and bearings to ensure the blade runs smoothly without deviation.

Safety Measures for Using Your Bandsaw:

When operating any power tool, safety comes first. Here are some safety tips specifically for bandsaw use:

  • Always wear protective eyewear and gloves when operating the bandsaw.
  • Keep your work area clean and well-lit to avoid accidents.
  • Use hearing protection to safeguard against noise during prolonged use.

Keep Your Cuts Clean and Your Saw in Peak Condition:

Ready to ensure your DeWalt bandsaw remains a reliable ally in all your cutting endeavors? Don’t miss our essential guide, “Maximizing Your DeWalt Band Saw’s Lifespan: Essential Maintenance Guide” This article is packed with expert advice on keeping your bandsaw in tip-top shape, from routine cleanings to blade adjustments.

By following these tips and performing regular maintenance, you can keep your DeWalt bandsaw blade – and your projects – on the cutting edge of perfection. For a variety of bandsaw blade options tailored to your DeWalt machine, visit us at and ensure you’re equipped with the best tools for your craft.

Keep Your Cuts Clean and Your Saw in Peak Condition

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