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Which Lasts Longer? Comparing the Battery Life of DeWalt and Makita Bandsaws


A craftsman’s momentum is only as strong as the life of their tools’ batteries. It’s a moment of sheer disappointment when a portable band saw runs out of juice mid-cut, leaving the task at hand in an unfinished state. For professionals who rely on their tools, this can mean the difference between a job well done and a missed deadline.

It’s known that with due care, the lifespan of a handy tool can be extended significantly. So, when selecting a portable band saw, one of the crucial deciding factors is the battery life. DeWalt and Makita are both giants in the tool world, and their bandsaws are often compared for their endurance and performance.

DeWalt vs. Makita: A Battle of Battery Life:

With bandsaws ranging in price and capability, the real contest often boils down to how long they can perform without needing a recharge. DeWalt bandsaws are known for their rugged endurance, often favored in heavy-duty applications. The question is, how do they stack up against Makita bandsaws, which are celebrated for their efficiency and innovation?

The Core of the Saw: Battery Capabilities:

Both DeWalt and Makita portable bandsaws have ergonomic designs and key components such as:

  • A blade driven by a powerful motor with variable speed adjustments
  • Adjustable blade guards and guide blocks for precise cutting
  • Handles designed for comfort and safety, reducing user fatigue over long periods

The batteries are the heartbeats of these saws, and their longevity is a reflection of the technology and engineering invested into each brand.

Maintaining Optimal Performance:

To ensure your bandsaw is always ready for action, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Regular Inspection: Keep the bandsaw and its battery contacts clean to ensure efficient power transfer.
  • Blade Care: A well-maintained blade reduces the workload on the battery, thus extending its life.
  • Storage: Store batteries in a cool, dry place to maintain their optimal charge capacity.
  • Usage Habits: Use the bandsaw’s variable speed function wisely; higher speeds drain the battery faster.

Battery Battle: DeWalt and Makita Bandsaws on the Stand:

In the arena of portable bandsaws, the focus often shifts to the endurance of the battery life, especially when professionals are in the middle of intricate cutting tasks. DeWalt and Makita, two leaders in the tool industry, offer bandsaws that not only promise precision but also the sustainability of their power sources. Let’s delve into the specifics of these two brands and see how their bandsaws stack up in the battery life department.

The DeWalt DCS375B, a 12V MAX XTREME Compact Cordless Bandsaw. It’s pictured in a professional setting, emphasizing its brushless motor and ergonomic design, ideal for precise, one-handed operations. The bandsaw’s compact form factor is on full display, highlighting its portability and ease of use, even in tight spaces.

DeWalt DCS377B and DCS375B: The Promise of Power:

The DeWalt DCS377B and DCS375B models are engineered with efficiency in mind. Both feature brushless motors that provide longer runtimes and faster cutting speeds, essential for tackling tougher jobs without frequent stops for recharging. Their compatibility with DeWalt’s 20V and 12V MAX* battery systems, respectively, means that power is always at hand. These saws stand out with their lightweight and compact designs, ensuring that power doesn’t come at the expense of portability.

Makita’s XBP04Z and XBP05ZB: Compact and Efficient:

Makita answers the call for durability with its XBP04Z and XBP05ZB bandsaws. Both tools boast a BL™ Brushless Motor with variable blade speed for efficient cutting, supported by 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries. Makita’s Constant Speed Control technology is a key player, ensuring that the saw maintains speed under load without draining the battery quickly. These saws offer a remarkable balance of compact design and cutting capacity, making them suitable for a range of materials and environments.

The Makita XBP05ZB, an 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless Portable Band Saw, is featured in this image. It is designed for efficiency and ease, as evidenced by its streamlined shape, making it perfect for one-handed use in overhead cutting tasks.

Comparing the Contenders:

FeatureDeWalt DCS377B/DCS375BMakita XBP04Z/XBP05ZB
MotorBrushlessBL™ Brushless Motor
Battery System20V MAX*/12V MAX*18V LXT® Lithium-Ion
Cut Capacity1-3/4″2-5/8″ / 2″
Blade SpeedVariable0-630 ft./min.
DesignCompact and lightweightSub-compact and lightweight
LED Work LightIntegratedBuilt-in
Power EfficiencyLonger runtime, fast cutsConstant speed control, overload protection

Performance That Lasts:

When comparing DeWalt and Makita, it’s also worth considering the different technologies they use for battery optimization and how that translates into longer use times. Do they have fast-charging capabilities? What are the amp-hour ratings of the batteries that come standard with their saws?

Discover Pro Tips:

Are you eager to ensure your DeWalt band saw remains in prime condition for years to come? Dive into our comprehensive maintenance guide Maximizing Your DeWalt Band Saw’s Lifespan: Essential Maintenance Guide to unlock insider tips and essential strategies for optimizing its longevity. From routine upkeep to troubleshooting common issues, this article equips you with the knowledge needed to keep your band saw running smoothly. Don’t miss out! Explore the full guide now for expert insights and practical advice.

Final Thoughts: Making the Choice:

In the end, choosing between a DeWalt or a Makita bandsaw comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the job. A powerful motor, variable speed settings, ergonomic design, and most importantly, battery life that keeps the tool running, are all critical.

Whether you side with the endurance of DeWalt or the efficient battery technology of Makita, proper maintenance will ensure that your portable bandsaw will deliver reliable power and precision, cut after cut. To see which bandsaw might be the best for your needs, visit for a range of options and accessories that will keep your tool cutting with clarity and precision.

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